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WOODPOL WOOD STAINS are high quality solvent base stains which are used to give wood another color without masking the structure of the wood substrate, hence enhancing wood grains & texture. It penetrates in to the wood leaving a Natural look & so natural choice where aesthetic consideration is foremost. Generally they are applied directly on to the wood substrate, prior to filling or lacquering process.

Available in seven rich wood tone colors & also basic color like Red, Black, Blue, Orange, Yellow Green. These stains can inter-mix to make your own unique stains.

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1 Recommended Uses Interior wood applications
2 Product Description Solvent base wood stains.
3 Appearance Transparent colors.
4 Consistency Ready to use but can mix with good quality NC Thinner.
5 Method of application By ragging, spraying or mixing with lacquer.
6 Recoating time 10 – 20 minutes.
7 lammability 30 – 45 minutes.
8 Packing 60 – 70 sq.ft./coat/Lt, depending on wood type & porosity.
9 Shelf life One year in unopened conditioned
10 Packing 100 ml, 1 Ltr, 5 Ltrs, 20 Ltrs.
11 Shades available Natural Wood , Rose wood, Walnut,LT Teak, Dark Antique Pine, Red Mahogany , Light Indian Oak,Red, Yellow, Orange, Brown, Blue, Green, Black, Wengie ,Carrom Black

»  Provides fast drying.
»  Ease of application.
»  Controlled penetration with uniform color.
»  Leaves no lap mark or streaks.
»  Enhance natural beauty of wood.

»  Wood surface must be dry and free of dust and loose particles. Sand the surface along grains with emery paper #180 followed by smooth sanding with #320 or 400.
»  All stains are designed primarily for use on new wood.
»  Dip a clean sponge or folded cloth in to the stain and squeeze out the Excess. Using longs continuous strokes, apply the stains to a small area at a time, following grain pattern of the wood. While application stop at a natural break to maintain a wet-edge to achieve uniform, lap-free, streak less finish.
» The appearance and color of the stain will vary depending up on the wood porosity.
» Apply additional coat at the interval of 10 – 15 minutes for desired wood tone color. To lighten the color, add good quality of NC thinner.
»  Do not sand the stain coat. Allow drying time of 30 – 45 minutes before over coating.
» Apply finish coat or top coat of sealer, varnish, shellac, melamine or PU.

»  Since color of wood to be stained significantly affects the color of the finish, it is advisable to stain on small off-cut of wood of the same lot or hide portion of furniture to ensure the desired color is being achieved.
»  Not to be used on surface exposed to direct sun light.
»  Can be mix with melamine, NC lacquer. Never mix with polyurethane.
»  Recommended on new wood & not over previously stained surfaces.
»  Use rubber gloves to protect your hands from stains.
»  While mixing different stains, measure the proportions carefully to produce same color or tone if mixing is to be repeated.

»  Stir the content well before use.
» Recoating time may be more in case of high humidity condition and / low ambient temperature.
»  Coverage varies depending on film thickness & nature of wood.

»  Handle products in areas of good ventilation. Avoid inhaling vapors since product contains volatile organic solvents.
»  Wear normal protective overalls. Solvent resistant hand gloves, eye goggles are recommended. Avoid skin contact.
»  The product is flammable and container should therefore be kept away from fire & spark or any ignition source.

»  Store in original container in cool, dry & well ventilated place.
»  While handling, avoid inhalation & skin contact. Force ventilation or fresh air mask should be used in confined spaces..
»  Disposal in land filing & not in drain or water ways.

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Black, Blue, brown, Dark ant Pine, Green, Li ind, Lt read, Lt-Teak, Natural wood, Orange, Red, Rose Wood, Walnut, Wengie, Yellow


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