Burnt Siena Special

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    Raw Siena-Special


    Burnt Sienna Earth Color pigment that has been processed to improve color predictability and micronized for easy of dispersion. Burnt umber is produced by calcining raw umber, a naturally occurring ore. It is manufactured from special Neno Technologies which make them particularly useful in many of today’s high performance pigment products. Burnt Sienna Earth Color pigments are processed under strict QC and environmental control for reliable and consistent quality. Visual and spectrometer tests are conducted on each lot to maximize consistency and quality.

    Burnt Sienna Earth Color produces deep, different shades with complex under wood stain applications. Our product has excellent hiding power and performance of color & its yields reliable performance properties which offer outstanding light fastness, sun light, weather resistance, chemical & alkali resistance.


    • Interior & Exterior durability, compatibility
    • Make your wood base shiny and furniture plane
    • Best to use for Sagwaan polish and all types of wood polish
    • Excellent adhesion to the wood and furniture surface
    • Fills small holes and pores of wood
    • Weather resistance, sunlight resistance
    • Extra coveragable & safe to use
    • Eco Friendly product Non – toxic, non- flammable
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