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    Woodpol Shellac Polish Color (22)


    WOODPOL SHELLAC SPECIAL, CLEAR & COLOR WOOD POLISH is a premium, polish formulated with pure Bleached shellac and other imported additives to provide a luxurious smooth finish to wood. Salient features of this product are excellent flow, levelling, wetting, quick drying & smooth finish.
    WOODPOL SHELLAC WOOD POLISH is the first choice of polishers for dream wood as successive coats can be applied in shorter intervals enabling the polishers to finish job quickly. It is easy to apply & maintain new look for years.

    The attractive features of the product are
    1. Easy in application for new and pre – polished wood.
    2. Fast drying at ambient temperature.
    3. Retains beauty of wood.
    4. Enhance gloss, build & especially polishing properties.
    5. Good flexibility.


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