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    Paint Remover


    Why woodpol paint remover?
    WOODPOL is a powerful, high performance paint and varnish remover
    developed to meet the stringent requirements of stripping paint & varnish film
    from wood and metals. It offers the distinctive combination of properties
    associated with any other paint stripper available in the market. The formulation
    technology based on unique combination of solvent & imported additives which
    offer a number of potential performance advantages like ease of stripping
    without affecting the substrate.
    It can effectively use to woopol paint & varnish from wooden surface like old furniture & from metal
    surface like Automobile bodies e.g. car, bus, truck, auto, tractor, scooter, motorcycle & home appliance like
    refrigerators cupboards & fans etc & employed in wide area of industrial and household applications such as
    paintshops, workshops, garages, railways, defense, shipping industries & at homes.
    These unique product offer impressive performance on almost all types of paint system like two pack
    wood finishes, air drying & baking industrial finishes like melaminised, alkyds, polyamides, polyurethane,
    polyester & powder coating.
    The main characteristic properties of woodpol is it can dilute with NC thinner with almost no loss in
    performance characteristic when apply on metals. This is a significant benefit to
    user as cost & labor saving can be achieved while maintaining or even improving
    the stripping performance

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