Timber is a beautiful living building material and used in construction and interiors for its combination of properties like light weight, good mechanical strength, natural appeal of colors & texture
Thought it is versatile, transportable, and maneuverable and constructible, it is highly vulnerable to decay due to microbial attack such as fungi & insects. If not protected well, wood will decayed or rotted and will resists growth of both fungi & insects and inhibit further infestation
This microbial attack can be avoided by good quality of wood preservative like WOOD PRESERVATIVE. Oil based WOOD PREDERVATIVE has both fungicidal and insecticidal properties not only at initial stages of application, but also remains active for prolonged periods after application.

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1 East to apply Low toxicity
2 Safe Non – metallic
3 Cost effectiveness Non – mercurial
4 High Penetration Power Formaldehyde free
5 Wide activity spectrum Low Evaporation capacity
6 (Antifungal, antibacterial & anitalgal) Non – leachable

Wood item to be coated must be dry and free of dust and loose particles. Apply liberally with brush, swab or spray on bare dry wood. Preservatives should be flooded rather than merely painted. Every check, depression and cut ends of the wood should be thoroughly flooded with preservative before varnishing polishing

Product Description Oil type
Areas of applications Timber, Plywood, Veneer & Furniture where highest surface protection is needed against microbial & insect attack
Appearance Dark Brown liquid
Consistency Ready to use
Method of applications Brushing, Spraying, Dipping & Swabbing
Pack available 250 ml, 500 ml, 1 Ltr , 5 Ltrs, 20 ltrs.

Key Features:Woodpol Wood Preservative Special
• Low odour.
• Colorless, allows natural wood color to show through.
• Provides a clear non – staining coating
• Item treated with Woodpol Wood Preservative Specil Can be over – painted, varnished polished or glued.
• Wide activity spectrum (antifungal, antibacterial & antialgal)
• High penetration power with low evaporation capacity
• Will not cause swelling or distortion of wood.

1 Keep in original container in cool, dry & well ventilated place
2 Keep out of the reach of children, food & animal.
3 Destroy the container after use. Never reuse.
4 flammable, Keep away from fire.
5 Dispose in land filling and not in drain or water ways

Although no chemical is entirely free from hazard, these products will present moderate to low risk to health provided that good standards of hygiene are observed in theit storage & use. 1 handle product in area of good ventilation. Avoid inhaling since product contains volatile organic solvents.
2 Avoid skin & eye contact. Use PVC or poly chloroprene gloves and face shield
If ingested seek medical advice. In case of skin contact, wash with soap and water. If eyes are affected, flush with clean water

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