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WOODPOL POLYESTER LAMINATION is a three component, air-drying Polyester based wood finishing system consisting of Base Resin, Accelerator & Catalyst. It gives a clear smooth finish with a hard mirror like gloss that protects and preserve natural beauty of wood.

The excellent features of this product are:
• Easy to apply
• Quick Drying
• Very good adhesion
• Excellent filling properties
• Easy to stand
• Very high gloss
• Very high build capabilities.
• Limited yellowing.
• High surface hardness & heat resistance
• Excellent chemical, solvent & stain resistance
And hence highly recommended for finishing of table top, bedroom furniture, internal doors, kitchen bench top, etc.

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»  Wood article to be coated must be dry and free of dust & loose particles. Sand the surface along grains with emery paper #180. Apply stains at this stage if necessary.
»  Apply one coat of WOODPOL Epoxy Primer Base coat 1:1 Base & Hardner & allow it dry for 45 to 180 minutes, apply Polyester Lamination in period 45 to 180 minutes only.

1 Product Description Three Component Unsaturated Polyester clear finish.
2 Recommended Use Interior wood application.
3 Mixing ratio by wt. Base – 100
Accelerator 2%
Catalyst – 2%
4 Application Viscosity Ready to use.
5 Pot-life of mixture 7 – 8 minutes @ 30 °C
6 Shelf-life 3 month in unopened condition when store in cool and dry place @ 25+/_5 °C.
7 Packing 1kg, 4 kgs, 20 kgs

»  Mix WOODPOL POLYESTER LAMINATION with 2% of Accelerator first, mix well. Then add 2% of Catalyst, mix well. Prepare only spray gun cup capacity mixture maximum, as Pot-life of mixture is short.
»  Once mixed with Catalyst, pot-life of mixture is 7-8 minutes only. First apply one cross coat & let it dry up to touchdry than apply at least 5-6 coats depending upon build require.

» Allow it to dry for minimum of 24 hours. Sand with 150 to 600 grit paper (dry sanding) followed by water cutting with 600 to 1200 grit paper.
»  Carry out buffing with good quality Buffing Compound/ paste to hard mirror like glass

General Information:
»  Follow mixing order..
»  Product has shorter Pot-life & shelf life.
»  Clean spray gun &equipment immediately with Thinner and remove it completely from gun since any left over of mixture will gel inside nozzle or line & left-over of thinner may cause slow cure in next run.
»  Atmost care should be taken in measuring Accelerator and Catalyst since under or over dose may adversely effect the final results.
»  Remove all wax before buffing for good finish.
»  Mixing pot, stirrer, spray gun should be free of moisture since system is sensitive to moisture.
»  Store in cool and dry place @ 25 +/_ 5°C. avoid storage in hot condition.

»  Stir the content well before use.
»  Recoating time may be more in case of high humidity condition and / low ambient temperature.
»  Coverage varies depending on film thickness & nature of wood.

»  Handle products in areas of good ventilation. Avoid inhaling vapours since product contains volatile organic solvents.
»  Wear normal protective overalls. Solvent resistant hand gloves, eye goggles are recommended. Avoid skin contact.
»  The product is flammable and the container should therefore be kept away from fire & spark or any ignition source. STORAGE, HANDLING & DISPOSAL
»  Store in original container in cool, dry & well ventilated place.
»  While handling, avoid inhalation & skin contact. Force ventilation or fresh air mask should be used in confined spaces..
»  Disposal in land filing & not in drain or water ways.

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resin clear – base


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