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WOODPOL Exterior is a new generation Two Pack, air-drying Polyurethane coating which can be applied on all types of wood, wood substrate & metals. This high performance NON – YELLOWING coating offer superior & long lasting protection against UV degradation & hence ideal for Exterior applications.

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Wooden article to be coated must be dry & free of dust & loose particles. Prepare smooth surface by sanding with emery paper #180 followed by #320 or #400. Cracks if any should be filled & levelled.

Apply one or two coat of WOODPOL Exterior PU clear sealer, depending upon surface smoothness and allow it to dry for minimum of 12 hours. Sand with emery paper # 320 or # 400 between application of successive coat.

Select Finish coat available in Glossy & Matt. Apply one or two coats of GLOSSPOL SUPREME Interior PU – clear and allow it to dry for minimum of 8 hours. Sand with emery paper #320 or #400 between application of successive coats. For better protection apply an additional coat.

»  Stirr the contents well before use since soft sedimentation may occur in matt and sealer finish on storage. Strain through musclin cloth in glass or plastic container. Mixing pot, stirrer & spray gun should be free of moisture since system is sensitive to moisture.
»  Mix only required amount of Base & Hardner to be used. Do not transfer unused or Left-over material after used into original container as it cause the whole container to gelled up.
»  Use within one week after opening Base & Hardner container.
»  Since system have limited Pot-life (after mixing Base & Hardner) after which they should not be used.
»  Recoating and Hard dry time may be more in case of high humid conditions and/or low ambient temperature.
»  Coverage & dry time varies depend on film thickness, quantity of thinner used & nature of wood.


1   Mixing ratio   Woodpol Interior PU – Base 80 parts by volume.
Woodpol Interior Interior PU – Hardner 20 parts by volume.
Woodpol Interior Interior PU – Thinner 15 – 30 parts by volume.
2   Spray Viscosity   15 – 20 secs on Ford cup B4@ 30 °C.
3   Maturation time   30 minutes
4   Pot-life of mixture   3 – 4 hours at 30°c.
5   Method of application   Spraying.
  Spray Pressure   30 – 40 psi.
6   Recommended DFT   30 – 35 microns per coat.
7   Drying characteristics @ 30°c & relative humidity below 75%   Touch-dry            30 minutes.
Dust-free             2 hours.
Tack-free             3 hours.
Sanding-dry        12 hours.
Hard-dry              Overnight.
Fully Cured           7 days for solvent &chemical resistance.
  Recoating time   12 hours @ 30°C.
8   Theoritical covering capacity @ 30 micron DFT   8 – 10 m2/litre per coat dependent on method of application.
9   Shelf life   6 months in unopened condition in original container when stored in cool & dry place, @ 25±5°C.
10   Packing   250 ml, 500 ml, 1ltr, 20 ltrs.

»  Handle products in areas of good ventilation. Avoid inhaling vapours since product contains volatile organic solvents.
»  Wear normal protective overalls. Solvent resistant hand gloves, eye goggles are recommended. Avoid skin contact.
»  The product is flammable and the container should therefore be kept away from fire & spark or any ignition source.

»  Store in original container in cool, dry & well ventilated place.
»  While handling, avoid inhalation & skin contact. Force ventilation or fresh air mask should be used in confined spaces..
»  Disposal in land filing & not in drain or water ways.

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Clear Matt (Italian Type)


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