Pharmaceutical Grade Ethanol 99%

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We supplies Analytical / Reagent Grade—High purity Pharmaceutical grade Ethanol.

Use for Pharmaceutical & Medicine preparation, we provide an extensive series of Pharmaceutical grade Ethanol with low Aldehyde content.

Ethanol, anhydrous, reagent contains only ethanol 99% and minimum water.




Ethanol 99%

  • highly Pure
  • Precisely formulated
  • Natural / Organic based
  • low Aldehyde content.
Applications and use:
  • Pharmaceutical API mfg
  • Pharmaceutical medicine preparation
  • Homeopathic tinctures mfg
  • Ayurvedic extraction
  • Herbal extraction
  • In Analysis
  • Solvent for laboratory use.
Product Appearance:

Clear colorless liquid with less alcoholic odor.

Quality & Quantity Control :

Samples are analyzed in our (in house) laboratory prior to shipping and the relevant quality reports are delivered with the goods. Products are measured by weight to ensure the correct quantity is supplied in all conditions. External surveyors can be engaged if required upon buyer’s request. Products are measured by weight to ensure.

Storage Code:

Red—flammable; store in approved flammable containers; store away from oxidizing materials

Delivery & Packing

Port of Dispatch: Mumbai

Production Capacity: as per demand

Delivery Time: within 8 working days

Packaging Details: 250ml, 500ml, 1 liter, 20 liter & 200 liter

Customize packing & Tanker load




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